Who We Are

What is the RPIC?

The Responsible Property Investing Center (RPIC) is a university-based research and education center dedicated to promoting responsible investing in the real estate industry. The Center fills a void  in the real estate landscape by bringing together leading real estate investment stakeholders --  including lenders, fund managers, institutional investors, consultants, advocacy groups, academics, and others --  in order to coordinate and disseminate their best practices, conduct crucial research, and to create networks of investment opportunities that take advantage of the changing landscape of property investment.

The RPIC is led by Gary Pivo, professor of urban planning and natural resources at the University of Arizona, and David Wood, director of the Initiative for Responsible Investment, a project of the Hauser Center for Non-Profit Organizations at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The Rockefeller Foundation has recently awarded the RPIC a grant that will be used to assist the center’s growth strategy for the next five to 10 years, convene the fourth national Responsible Property Investing Conference, update the RPIC communications strategy and Web site and develop a prototype Responsible Property Investment Index. The RPIC is meant to foster collaboration across stakeholder types and issue areas, and we have found our work most successful when it supports and catalyzes the work of others. To share your work with the RPIC and its network, or for more information, please contact David Wood at .